Professional Regulation


Many regulators offer undertakings as a way of disposing of a case without referring the matter to a fitness to practise hearing. But these will only be offered in cases where they believe they are sufficient to protect patients, clients, service users, the public and the concerns raised about you. They are usually offered to registrants with health related issues or less serious clinical performance issues. An offer of undertakings might include asking you to limit your practice in some way, for example only working under supervision. They may also include health undertakings such as undergoing regular blood and alcohol testing.

When considering an offer of undertakings, it may be that some of them do need amending or tweaking to ensure you can fully comply with them.

  • We can assist in considering your set of circumstances and we can liaise with your regulator on your behalf to agree a set of undertakings which you are also happy with.
  • We can also assist you in gathering your evidence and applying for a review to vary or revoke your undertakings should we consider together they are no longer necessary.

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