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The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) only get involved in cases that are high value, complex allegations of fraud and/or bribery and corruption. That is why if you are an individual or a business being investigated by the SFO you need to know that your team of lawyers has the relevant experience to robustly defend you at every stage.

Your team of legal advisors need to have the experience to put together a multi-level strategy to challenge every aspect of the SFO investigation whether it is the applications for seizure and forfeiture; search warrants or Restraint Orders. We have an excellent record for challenging orders and robustly defending matters brought by the SFO. We have secured acquittals when charged and ensured where possible individuals are not charged in the first place. This is by using our experience and specific knowledge of the SFO.


The SFO has powers available to them that other prosecution agencies don’t have. These include the power to interview under S2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1987. This means that any individual interviewed under this power has no choice but to co-operate or face criminal sanctions. Another power is the use of Deferred Prosecution Agreements under the Crown and Courts At 2013.This covers the self-reporting of corporate bodies of any wrong doing. You will need specialist advice on this procedure as there are finely balanced risks between the corporate body and the senior management individuals running that corporate body.

If you are being investigated or prosecuted by the SFO call Rachel Adamson on 0330 111 2814 for confidential advice.

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