Professional Regulation

Maintaining High Profession Standards

Maintaining High Professional Standards in the Modern NHS is the framework for the handling of concerns about doctors and dentists in the NHS. All NHS bodies must have procedures for handling serious concerns about an individual’s conduct and capability which must reflect the framework in this document. However, not all NHS bodies apply this in exactly the same way so sometimes it is helpful to refer back to the framework to consider for example the way in which the investigation of concerns are conducted and by whom. Restrictions could be placed on your practice or you could be excluded. Unfortunately these investigations can be lengthy and extremely stressful. They can also ultimately lead to referral to the General Medical Council or the General Dental Council. It is tempting during the course of the investigation to start contacting witnesses yourself and making your own enquiries. Please be careful as you could be accused of interfering in the investigation.

We can help you:

  • Make submissions on your behalf seeking clarity about the terms of reference of the investigation.
  • Help you write to your NHS employer about any relevant witnesses they should contact and why.
  • Enquire and obtain any other relevant or pertinent information which you think exists.
  • Consider and help your formulate your comments on the trust investigation report.

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