Professional Regulation

Investigations BY your NHS employer

For many healthcare professionals, fitness to practise investigations start at a local level with investigations being initiated by your employer. These investigations can be stressful and you might not respond in the best way yourself when you are under pressure, and the matter may therefore end up in front of your regulator. Here at Adkirk Law, our professional regulation and discipline solicitors understand what approach your employers and regulators might take, especially in relation to issues of probity, and have the experience of assisting healthcare professionals in front of NHS England bodies, including the CCG’s and PAG.

We can assist you with:

  • considering the disciplinary allegations submitted against you.
  • helping you gather any supportive information to submit on your behalf.
  • help you draft your statement/response to any disciplinary or investigation meeting.

Our experienced team of professional discipline solicitors have the knowledge and experience to look at the level of detail to represent you. Contact our expert solicitors on 0330 111 2814 or complete our online enquiry form.

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