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If you are an individual or a business being investigated or prosecuted by HMRC then you need specialist advice from solicitors with a proven track record of HMRC experience. Our team has an extensive background in HMRC matters.

You could be facing investigation into Tax Evasion; Duty Evasion: VAT fraud; Carousel or MTIC fraud; Carbon Credit Fraud or even Money Laundering. We have the necessary experience to help you through.

It may even be the case that you want to negotiate with HMRC and enter into a disclosure agreement with them in order to avoid a prosecution. This can be done through a Contractual Disclosure Facility under the Code of Practice 9 procedures. We can advise you through this and ensure you are protected throughout.


HMRC have extensive powers and there has been a significant increase in their use of seize and search powers over the last few years. You may need advice on how to challenge some of the powers they have used such as the obtaining of search warrants or the obtaining of production orders to enforce banks and other bodies to provide them with financial records. You may even find yourself the subject of a Restraint Order which has been obtained to freeze all your assets. You will need to ensure that your legal advisor has the relevant experience of challenging these orders. Here at Adkirk Law we have successfully challenged Restraint Orders to ensure assets are freed up again following the inappropriate obtaining of Restraint Orders.

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