Our bespoke conveyancing service offers extended service to give you exactly what you need based on your specific requirements. Instead of our premium one-size-fits-all package, we tailor our conveyancing service to your personal needs to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your move.

Our extended bespoke service offers personal home visits for the delivery and signing of all legal documents for an even speedier completion and direct mobile telephone access to an appointed conveyancing Solicitor that you can contact seven days a week including public holidays. Service also extends to outside of usual business hours to include evening telephone contact if required.

The Benefits Of Our Bespoke Service

A generic conveyancing package might not have everything you need. It can miss vital details that only a tailored conveyancing quote can offer, such as which searches to apply for and even how to negotiate the value of your home based on local averages. In addition, with a personalised quote you won’t be paying for any extras that you don’t need, making the price more appealing too.

We match you up with a property solicitor who will provide you with a tailored conveyancing package based on your requirements. If there’s anything you want done differently, don’t be afraid to tell us, we aim to make sure all your questions are answered and all fears are soothed before we even start.

Your solicitor will study the area that your property is based in and organise all the necessary searches to ensure that your new home is a great investment. If the property is based in Wales, for example, not only will we match you with a solicitor who is nearby, but also one who is experienced with mining searches – an important factor to consider when purchasing property in Wales where mining used to be very common.

A bespoke conveyancing quote from us will always include a ‘no completion no fee’ guarantee so that if your house sale or purchase falls through due to the other party pulling out, you won’t have to pay twice. Instead, your next custom conveyancing quote will be completely free.

Not only will you keep the same solicitor throughout your conveyancing journey, but we’ll also provide fixed fees so you know exactly what your invoice is going to say after completion. But while your solicitor and the fees will stay fixed, your conveyancing package is flexible and we’ll accommodate your needs as the process changes.

If you are looking for a highly efficient bespoke conveyancing service, coupled with expert advice, call us today on 0330 111 9728 to discuss your circumstances with us and one of our experts will assist you further.

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